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To Love a Royalty

One cold December morning the beggars son Daniel Jiang went out of his home to clean up the front yard. This was a normal routine for him and nothing fun at all to do. There wasn’t much in sight to deal with either instead of white paths of snow laid flat on the ground. Nothing interesting ever happened at the village, it was always the same old faces, voices and surroundings and nothing new. But on this very day while Daniel was doing his daily cleaning, the sound of metal hooves hitting the ground made his head look up in a somewhat puzzled expression, eyebrows furrowed with confusion and what more. A VERY rich looking guard had rode up to the village, his sword undrawn from his hips, his eyes wondering the village in search of something...or someone. His expression read “worried” all over... “Young man, forgive me for troubling you...” he worriedly asked me “But have you seen a young female around here?, 5ft6, light blue hair, green eyes, two clawed marks from her brow to her cheeks and honey coloured skin?” “No sir I haven’t..why’s that?” I questioned.. He leaned in and whispered. “The King and Queens daughter has ran away again,if you do see her in sight please don’t hesitate to come by the palace and find me. My names Axel and you’ll be rewarded if you find her and bring her back” This was something big for not only me but my family. If I could just find the Princess and bring her back, collect my reward and return home back to my family than all would be well for me. I could finally receive that wanted love from my mother and father, I could finally be given attention again... I could finally be happy again.. “Oh and dear boy, do be careful when you see her..she’s not like the other lady’s, she’s different.,she’s born gifted” gifted in what?...she’s a royalty.. of course she’ll get gifts.. Maybe I should of taken second thoughts in that before packing off to look for her..

Corallll · Fantasy
Not enough ratings