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cultivating for exp: a not so original idea

cultivating for exp: a not so original idea

for exp trolls. solely created out of boredom and curiosity of how writing features in webnovel works. later on, used for exp runs, reflected and thought it was kinda rude of doing it to dump to other novel works so better here than do to others. add this book in your library and you could spam reviews, replies and any other exp generating missions or even rate low. all accepted.

meatgrinder · Realistic Fiction
The Hidden God In An Office.

The Hidden God In An Office.

Eron Varesh Kane has faced adversity and injustice throughout his life. Only being able to fend for himself by doing questionable things in the streets. After his rough upbringing, he finally settled down and married his best friend and created a family with her. Until she died, Eron died, and he was reincarnated and was now part of a secret world of unimaginable powers. A world that he knew of and tried to stay away from, but the secret was about to become public. This a story of a man that can rival gods who only want a normal life with his kids and protect them from this new world. what will he do? Well of course become an office worker. ------------------ I'm an inexperienced writer and only want to try to put out a good story. if I make some mistakes please tell me. Also if something doesn't make to much sense call me out and I'll try to fix it or explain. ----------------- while adding new characters I'm not good with coming up with names, so if I see people post cool names I'll probably add them. One thing though, make them weird like changing a letter or two of a regular name something like that. age rating: pg-13, mild profanity, mild sexual context, violence

DumboOctopi · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings