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The Crimson Tower the second Book in the Tylingariea Epic

The Crimson Tower the second Book in the Tylingariea Epic

A thousand years have passed since the war of darkness caused by Zargorwarth the Demon lord and his attempt to reshape the Multiverse into his own image. the legend of the Guardians of Light and Adam Jackson the savior of the Multiverse has driffted into myth as was the Dra'ghoul Bloodline. In that Thousand years the scales were once again tipped in that of Darkness when the powerful Lord Val'zordawn ruler of Raz'zorgar a dark world that was in a alternate Multiverse used the Untaped powers of the Crimson Tower an ancient oblisiok centerd in the center of time. it is said that the Crimson Tower has the power to bind all of the Multiverses into one. Lord Val'zordawn fused all of the Multiverses into one single universe after doing so he lead on a capion to conquer all of the Tylingariea the People of Tylingariea waited in fear for a secend Guardion of Light to come but this time no guardians of light came to save them as the world was slowly taken over by Lord Val'zordawn and plunged into a secend age of Darkness. after seveal years of this unending darkness there were whispers of a child that was born of the last Quinn and may be the last heir to the Dra'ghoul bloodline and the last hope for all Tylingariea

Brandongould94 ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings