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The Aeonian Notebook Poetry

The Aeonian Notebook Poetry

Literature Is Like the Ocean and the True Love of a Mother. Its Everlasting... Writing Poetry, Inspirational Thoughts & Stories Is My Hideaway. I must say that All of My Thoughts of Life, My Tears, My Feelings & Even Some of My Secrets Hides Inside the Poems and Inspirational Thoughts that I've Wrote In My Love Notebook for Years. Now that Its Almost Full and Oldy I Guest Its Time to Share It. My Hideaway... Hoping that It Also Help You Feel Calm Like Your In Your Own Hideout! After all I Always Believed that Poems are a Recollected Feelings of the Author Itself... That's Wants to Be Shared... I'm Hoping that You'll Enjoy Reading! #Reading Poems a Day Is Like Reading a Story each Day!

Phil_Summer · Realistic Fiction
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