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Lyra Bones

*******HP - AU********** On a fateful day, 2 prophecies were made. One for a boy and another for a girl. The boy would go down the history books, while the girl's struggle would remain unknown forever. -------------------------------- Lyra Regina Bones, daughter of Amelia Bones. That's how everyone knows her. With the rumor of her father being a muggle, things were never good for her. She enters Hogwarts to quell her thirst for knowledge, to explore the castle full of mystery waiting to be unraveled, with no knowledge of what was waiting for her in the future; without knowing that lady fate herself has decided to push her towards a power-hungry monster. --------------------------------- HP AU I'm only posting this on Wattpad, Webnovel, and fanfiction.net. If it is available on any other site, please inform me. _________ I don't own anything. J.K. Rowling does. I own only OCs. __________ Irregular updates.

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