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Lucky: Boltori and The Prince

Lucky: Boltori and The Prince

20 years ago demons, angels, and all supernatural made way of coming out and taking over the world. Since demons were first, so they ran the council. The council had 5 of every type of supernatural, the elders, but only 1 demon who was the head of the council. Rovens High was founded by the council as the first school that both humans and supernatural went to in peace. Arya Mazeson was your typical shy popular girl at Rovens High. Everyone thinks she is a witch because she has eyes that glow. But she was not who she seemed to be. Jacetin Jasper hasn't been to the Other Plain in hundreds of years. His father is sending him there to offically move the capital to Roven, but only after he attends Rovens High for one year. When these two meet will sparks fly or will they hate eachother? Not even a year at Roven, Aryan looses interest in Jacetin as she meets someone new. Someone more powerful. Will Jacetin be able to let Aryan go on his own or will he die in the process? In this book, you will experience tales of magic, romance, and loss.

Navy10v3 ยท Fantasy Romance
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