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Ming is a decorated and world renowned detective who has accomplished so much yet still feels unfulfilled due to this, Ming opts for retirement but her boss refuses to grant it to her unless she completes one last case which no detective has been able to solve. Ming accepts the case but soon loses her life protecting her assigned partner and that is the end of Ming forever. LOL just kidding. Ming switches body with the princess of their country who was poisoned, now Ming using her detective instinct is trying to put one and two together to figure out why she switched body with the princess and who truly is trying to kill the princess but she falls in love along the way finding true friends that help her solve the case.

AprilJewel · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

I'll Be Taking Your Body

Have you ever seen someone and wished you could be them? What would you do if you suddenly not only got the ability to switch bodies with others but also steal their powers in a world filled with monsters and enhanced humans? I seek to answer this question, I'm a fairly new author with a unique idea and no idea how to execute it correctly. I hope you give me a chance and that I don't create a trainwreck

l0RD · Fantasy
Not enough ratings