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Little Miss Temptress|Hiatus|

Little Miss Temptress|Hiatus|

"You are the only captor of my heart don't ever set it free " ------- Lee Yeona who died a cruel death because of her fiance, once again she was alive but was held hostage for someone else's mistake. Being reborn as one of the prestigious family's eldest daughter she suffered more than she should have. But that did not stop her from taking her revenge. No matter which place she was stuck in a parallel universe or she time travelled her nightmares haunted her. Which made her thirsty for revenge. --------- "do you believe in reincarnation" "I'm not sure if such thing exits" "what if I say I had been through it" "I'd believe in anything you say" "tsk. so foolish, what if I ask for you life" "Anything for you" She was really touched by his words it gave her feelings of warmth and she felt secure around him. But she wasn't sure if she will be able to return his feelings the same way... -------- Note: This is an ORIGINAL story, not a translation all done by me. The updating schedule might be messed up due to school work... Disclaimer: The cover does not belong to me, all rights belong to the original creator.

Yinnie · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings