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Mark Him Not

Mark Him Not

Started: May 22, 2020 I was born on this world having sex organ for a man. So basically, I'm a man. However, I could get pregnant too like female species. Why? Oh it's because I'm an Omega. That is my second gender. I've never felt troubled with my second gender before like other omegas. I've been in such protective and loving family. My mother always sheltered me with a lot of loving and care. My father was always there to protect and guide me. I also have two awesome older brothers. They're twins yet they protect and love me in their on way. I also have my reliable beta bestfriend. He's my partner in crime and I'm so thankful to him Like I'd said, I never felt troubled about my second gender but that was before I've met my 'fated mate'. The person who were send by God to love me. And... my fated mate was really unexpected. Because even before I found out that he's my mate... he's already part of my life.

DriewNrocinu · LGBT+