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After the Fall

[BxB] Overshadowed by green and orange-yellow leaves, Finn brushed his lips against the back of his hand as a cool gust of wind kissed his skin. "Nervous someone will see us?" he asked. "I'm okay, just tired of sneaking." Finn sighed as he intertwined their fingers. "Then leave him," he groaned. "I don't like seeing these bruises on you." "It's not that simple..." Finn whispered. A lot could be said about his relationship with Alistaire. He was abusive and manipulative, but Finn was tightly wrapped around his finger. Embry was caring, loyal, and gentle- but those traits were usually overshadowed by his stubborn and overprotective nature. They met by chance, a mere glance backward on Finn's behalf, and now he found himself falling for the brunette. From strangers to sharing awkward kisses, Finn wanted nothing more than to escape his past and focus on Embry- but first, he'd have to outrun his past, and pick himself up after his fall. //Trigger Warning// This story contains situations and subjects that may be disturbing to some readers. This includes physical violence, alcohol abuse, slurs, strong language, and emotional abuse.

Maple_Ridge_ ยท LGBT+
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