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Ace Black

Book 2 of The Black Series! Everyone had a past, so did Ace. He fell for a girl, the wrong one. He was heartbroken but got over it. It was painful so he decided to never fall in love again. He became cold, arrogant. People call him the cold CEO. He's the CEO of Black Corp, the son of Alexander and Aria Black. He only loves his family and no one else. His whole life changes when he meets Ashlynn. The liveliest woman he's ever seen. A year later, he meets the same woman but she's not the same. She changed completely, like she's a different woman, not the same old Ashlynn. What happened to her? This question troubled him. Will he let go of this past and fall in love again? Read to find out! ツ IG : ellaxauthor

Ella_Cane · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings