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Escaping The CEO 2
KC Mmuoe

Escaping The CEO 2 by KC Mmuoe

I was craving for a toasted cheese and basil sandwich ,and I also felt like eating some muesli, mixed with plain yoghurt and honey . Even though I didn't feel like going out ... I had to go out and stock up. Since it was Saturday and I wasn't in the mood for anyone I knew. I decided to go out on my own ; to the food market and fuel up , then go shopping. I changed my shoes and went out . Since I had car keys but no car I took an uber downtown to the farmers market. They had the best cheese and anything else I needed, I would get on my way back home. The sitting area that overlooked the lake was my favorite spot. to sit and just enjoy the food I bought . There was also a picnic spot but I picked the corner bench . I was busy sipping on my peanut butter , banana and cinnamon smoothie when someone came and took a seat in front of me and spoke. "Cleopatra." "You." "Yes me sexy. Whatever vampire diet you are on, it is working." I put the cup down and stood up. He stood up too and gave me a hug. I hugged him back and he held me close. " Marc Jasper." " You remember me ?" " I never forgot you. I could never." I buried my head in his chest and once again I felt home...

KC_Mmuoe · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings