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My ordinary life with my system

My ordinary life with my system

Xie yan has hopped many worlds and completed countless missions. Finally he has enough experience points to reincarnate and lead a normal life. Wait that should be the ending of the story but to xie yan's surprise' The story starts from here.' The system that should have long gone is still attached to him making his so ordinary life abnormal. .... Li jichen is known for his playfull and cool nature. But there is nothing that really interests him. Born in a wealthy family with an extraordinary handsome face, perfect parents, he couldnt ask for more. But when he met xie yan his three views about world shattered. He cant help but look at the world in a new way. Unknowingly he fell in love with xie yan. And thats how he started his extraordinary journey to make xie yan his. ...... I dont own this image... My other works 1. I have fallen for the villian( ongoing_ yaoi) 2.Devils king's dandy wife( ongoing.. inverse harem) 3 My escape to him( ongoing..Rebirth) 4 Why i became a ghost?( upcoming.. yaoi) 5My silver butterflies( upcoming....yaoi) 6 Emotionology( upcoming...yaoi) 7 The passerby( upcoming... transmigration) ......

Thrishalaupadh1 · Fantasy
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