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Me: well what the title says. three friends transmigrated to a game that they didn't want to. Lyra: yeah, we didn't Jennie: sorry Millie: ok enough. Be ready Jennie/ Lyra/ me: yes madam Millie: ... you too me: tehhee Me: sorry for the grammar, English it's not my mother tongue. i hope to learn more while i am writing Also i don't own the cover

Toya_kinomoto · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings
The Extraordinary Lady of Court (by Ahce Darato Torres)

The Extraordinary Lady of Court (by Ahce Darato Torres)

She was a genius doctor and a favoured lawyer of the court. But her brainpower was too horrifying, that even the government saw her as an imposing threat to their jurisdiction. Thus Feng Jiang Lei was sent to work for diplomacy, risking her own life in the process and offered negotiation rights to the terrorists, that harboured ill planning to trounce the current administration and persevere the rising revolution. It could have been successful, but she was assassinated, by the man she trusted the most, her childhood best friend. When things fall in place she was given another life in someone else's body. A reincarnation to another era that occurs only in a thousand years, and a chance to make things right. She had learnt the hard way of becoming someone else's pawn, and now that she was granted a second life, she will make sure to let those people who belittled and wronged her to pay the price, a hundredth folds with interest. However, a certain wicked crown prince was too persistent in opposing her plans. But will this man and his shamelessness succeed in charming the frozen heart of the young miss? (Available in Wattpad and Webnovel)

sepaiminaaa · History
Not enough ratings