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The Rebirth Waste Strikes Back - By Ye Yiluo

The Rebirth Waste Strikes Back - By Ye Yiluo

Description “Master, the people from the Zhuang family have come to cancel the engagement.” “My fiancé whose beauty was said to be capable of causing the downfall of a city, finally decided to throw me away?” “I think so.” “I want to see this legendary beauty, and confirm whether this bastard is really great as people say, to have no flaws in all 360 degrees, a picturesque appearance however you look at him; does he need me to help him open the corner of his eyes (Epicanthoplasty) or reshape his chin (Genioplasty)?” “Actually, he didn’t come.” “He didn’t? He didn’t even come to cancel the engagement? What a wicked b*tch.” “He definitely will get karma.” Associated Name 重生之废材来袭 Author Ye Yiluo 叶忆落

AChan · LGBT+
Not enough ratings