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The promise: Unbreakable love

A little naughty girl falling in love at first sight of a competitive man, trying to change herself for better. From a girl to a grown-up woman so, she can fulfil that promise years ago. But who knows the promise that she looking for is just an empty word he said. But look like fate pity her, she becomes his wife, a wife who disgusted by her husband, her long time crush. .................. "Then, Will you be my boyfriend? I think I'm in love with you." A girl asked a man in front of her. "How old are you now? I don't date a minor." The man smiled. "I...I am not a minor. I'm 18 this year" "Wait until you're 22 then come ask me again." "Then when I turn 22, will you marry me? the girl asked with both hand together. How can she turns a boyfriend to husband this quick? The man though. Nevertheless, he agreed. "Okay" "Really?! Then pinky promise." she put her hand forward. The man shakes his head, smiling, but still did as she told. **The picture is not mine.**

Springindecember ยท Teen
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