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¿Senpai o Danna?

Versión en español en Wattpad. Tiene el mismo nombre y lo puedes encontrar en la siguiente cuenta ⤵ Hikari-Senpai123 The famous artist Deidara has turned into a child from one day to the next. The only thing he knows about his companions is their personality and abilities so he will start giving nicknames to everyone and Tobi takes the opportunity to get closer to his Senpai. Akatsuki is thrown into chaos when other members turn into children and collapse the lair. The goal of adults will be to find the person in charge while learning to deal with the little ones. When they least expect it, the little ones disappear. When they find one of them, they discover that he is in Konoha and the plan that had long been planned against Akatsuki is put into motion. What will happen when Konoha finds out who they are and Itachi meets his brother? * The characters do not belong to me or the image. Just the story itself. I hope you like it * I do not accept posts on another app or account without my permission. Don't be rats to steal it. Respect

Hikari_Senpai · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings