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Freya Scott (LGBT)

Freya Scott (LGBT)

Everyone has their high school's 'It Girl'. That girl is usually the one the guys or girls swan over. She will get dates and date someone every other week if she wants. Or she can be pure and that friendly girl whose everyone's friend. Or she is queen bee of the school, dominating every soul in her path. Neither of those are the stories I'm about to tell you. In fact, you might consider Freya Scott in a 'It Girl' category of all her own. I hadn't known her very well. I couldn't tell you her likes, dislikes nor where she would be spotted during lunch. I knew only as much as everyone else. I never taken much interest in who she had been until one day... I actually met her. "The only question I have to ask you is... how will this all end?" -Lacy Bennett

HeyItAshley · LGBT+
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