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In this life, curse me your liege but hold me close

Akaya Aitaeru. Ruler of love. Regent of lust. One of the seven rex tenebrai. The southern demon lord. Wherever they went, they always got fear and jealousy thrown at them. But that was alright, because they weren't alone. They had their precious lovers. And then, they betrayed Akaya, leaving them to die alone. "What did I do wrong? Why do you hate me so? I thought we were supposed to live together for eternity…" Before they could even comprehend what had happened, they were reborn into the modern earth. There, they found a book about their last life and - they were the villain?! Once they opened their eyes after a long night of crying, they were Akaya again. Oh, but this time, this time they will do things right! But… Can they forget just what the people they used to love had done to them? Could they trust their decisions? Will they ever even be able to escape from their fate? No matter! With new and old faces appearing all around, Akaya will strive to at least become a villain that does good. Right. This time, they won't have a reason to betray them, because this time they'll be a worthy villain.

JoylessNightsky · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings