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CEO'S Purchased Bride: The Innocent Sister-In-Law

“When I say you join me in bed, you do it without questioning me.” He had his eyes bloodshot red as if tears were trying to be born in his eyes but his ego wasn’t letting him show his emotions. “You don’t even like me, you---,” she tried to speak but he grasped her wrist and pulled her after him. “You didn’t even want to marry me in the first place,” she spoke loudly enough for him to hear her through his loud grunts and breaths. He ceased walking for a moment and then in a flash move he turned around and pushed her against the wall. A loud shriek escaped her lips but she was able to cover her mouth before the voice echoed through the huge corridor. “I will do whatever I want, Dammit! I am paid for you.” He shouted, slapping the wall beside her in rage. “No! it’s because you miss her,” Genevieve finally broke the silence and a tear rolled down her eyes, “You are never accepting me as your wife, because you are never going to forget about her,” the feeling of rejection hit Genevieve once again when she looked in his eyes and the newly formed tears in his eyes confirmed her statement. …………. “Why were you so sweet and giggly with my husband?” Nessa pulled her sister to the side and scolded her privately. Genevieve has no idea what has she done wrong this time, but her sister seemed infuriated. “I didn’t do anything,” She shrunk back and lowered her eyes in order to prevent looking into her sister’s spiteful eyes. “He is your brother-In-law, have some shame. You are purposely bending down, showing your undies to all the men in my house, my in-laws.” Nessa slapped Genevieve’s hand and knocked down the slice of bread, the only food she had for the day. “I di---,” tears began to roll down her eyes as she fought to defend herself. … After the death of her father, Genevieve along with her stepmother has to go and live with her stepsister in Laws, where things turned dark for Genevieve when the male members of her stepsister’s In-Laws start catching feelings for Genevieve, Including her Brother-in-Law.

Alexis_Divine · Teen
Not enough ratings