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Reborn to Revenge: Falling in Love Accidently

Story of Aayuki Castiello, who gets betrayed and killed by her husband, step-sister, step-mom, father, and along with her best-friend. She regretted ever believing these people who in front of her vowed to always support and love her but behind her back stole everything that was hers. Her reputation, her beauty, her family, her wealth. At the door of death she didn't want to die, not when her murderers would live happily, asking for a chance to get revenge, to snatch back all that was stolen from her. When she woke up from pain in head, she was in a hospital room. She came back ten years before her tragedy, to when she was twenty-one years old. It was the time she had just graduated and no tragedy had started. She vowed to revenge on the people who killed her. -------------------------------------------------------------- In the hotel: Sir please let me go, let me go, Yuki tried to push the men who suddenly picked her up on his shoulders, he gripped her tightly which made her hiss in pain but that hiss caused the man to be turned on. He took her to her opened hotel room, then pushed her on the bed. He tied her hands with his belt. Then he ripped her clothes off, caught both her legs and spread them wide apart she was really scared and kept on struggling. He positioned himself in between her entrance and without prepping, thrusted in her. Her: please let go.. pleaaaaaahhhhhh, st..aaa..op, no.. hurts. Please stoppppp. Hic hic..... she said crying. Him: he on the other hand continued thrusting again and again all night long without any mercy like a beast in heat. Not listening to her screams, pleas, or her cries. Her: hic...hic, aahh…. Out, take it out, plea….aahhhh, hurts. It hurts plea.... sto…aaaaaaah…pplease….. I don’t…..no mo…e.. aah. Who is the guy, is he another one of her family setup to ruin her? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Stay tuned to unlock the rebirth story of our fierce female lead.

Aayuki_Tomoe · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings