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Book 2 : [ Can be read as a stand alone book ] Getting chased by gangsters, getting kidnapped and then forced to become a slave of one of the biggest Mafian boss was Azalea's worst nightmare. But to make it worse the kidnapper was the man Azalea had hated all her life for depriving her of her only family

_Chickennugget · Contemporary Romance
The Agony of love

The Agony of love

The male protagonist Siddhant is the part of this very society who thinks that girls can read, but at last they are only meant to represent the home, not the society. Whereas the female protagonist Naina, being the part of the same society believes that the time is changing so should be the society and there is nothing that girls can't do. The male protagonist is the main wheel in the young industrialist and is ready to contribute to the country's economic structure. On the other hand, the female protagonist is knitting the dream to be the part of uprising journalism, which is acceptable neither by her family nor in the society she lives.  It's the journey of destiny & passion, the choice between love & obligation.  Let's join them and see how Naina follows the path of her dreams and how she crosses her path with Siddhant. A complete opposite people with complete opposite thinking end up together. A long journey with interesting twist & turns. They will fall, stand & eventually run! With love your writer Purva Narang

Purva_Narang · Historical Romance