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CEO Daddy, Let's Get Mommy

Synopsis Divorce!? She wants a divorce after three years of marriage.  She was given money, luxury, and house everything. But all these things are nothing to her, after all, she is royal blood. She has seen everything.  Everything he is giving to her are the things which are left to him by her mercy.  She will agree she clung to him and insisted on marrying him. But she did that after his Ex dumped him and married a Wealthy Man.  But in the end, she is treated like trash. He even bought his late Ex's son home. But She didn't show any hostility to him. She treated him like her own.  But in the end, she only received his spite. She is tired of this relationship. Now, she wants to be free and pursue her dreams.  But little did she not know he didn't want to divorce her.  Arthur Garcia, a royal from the Garcia family married Esther Benjamin, who is the royal heiress from the Benjamin Family. But she leaves him without even saying goodbye. When Arthur goes back to get her back he got to know there is already someone with her. But he forgot that there is already someone with him too. ______ Small Excerpt... "Come to my room," Arthur's Voice traveled in the silent dining room.  "I'm going to sleep with Little Reggie," Esther said as she held Little Reggie's hand and started walking away from him.  Later that night... Esther slept soundly with Little Reggie in her arms.  But someone took Little Reggie away and placed him far away from her.  She opened her eyes the next second. The moment she opened her she saw Arthur's devilishly handsome face reaching hers.  "If you don't come now. Don't blame me for making out with you here in front of our child," he warned.  Our!? When did it become ours? He always said it's his. When she went into her deep thoughts. She saw his face inching towards her and his lips crashed on her when she tried to struggle. She remembered that her son was beside her. She clenched her hands into a fist and waited for him to release her.  After he released her, he looked at her with his eyes filled with lust.  "Are you still not coming?" he asked.  "I'm coming," she said. She took her coat and left for his room.  In his room... "What is this?" he asked as threw the stack of papers on her face.  "Divorce papers. Sign them. I have done my part. Even if you don't sign I decided to leave tomorrow," she said and turned to her heels and left.  She Shut the door tightly and left, leaving him speechless.  _____ Hello...  The work is original, not a translated work or anything. The cover is not mine. I found it on google. And editing is done by me. 

priyabolagani · Contemporary Romance