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Warning :- No one under the age of 17+ should read this book. "What are you doing" I said as I kept on moving back, away from the monster in from of me. But that didn't work out, as he also kept on moving forward. My back hit a hard wall and I knew I had no where else to go. "P-p-please don't hurt me" I begged but I saw no sign of sympathy in those dark blue eyes of his. He put both hands above my head so I will be trapped, he leaned in and whispered in my left ear huskily "Your mine and only mine" And I hesitantly nodded. ________________________________________________________________ Hayley Hester is a woman who was arranged to get married to Leo Martínez, Not only are they husband and wife but are also boss and secretary which means Hayley has to put up with his possessive behavior every single second of the day. But things don't remain the same when Leo's step brother, Thomas Martinez, comes into the picture. Thomas made sure Hayley's life never remained the same....

Sarah_Ume · Fantasy
Not enough ratings