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Hidden Heir (Holy Rebel Motorcycle Club #2)

Missy is a nurse in the Clear City County state penitentiary infirmary. That's how she met him. Shank. The Road Captain of the Holy Rebel MC doing 3 to 5 for running illegal arms out West. The tall, dark, and handsome ciminal is sexy enough to sweet talk his way into the strong headed young woman's pants and heart. And Missy is head over heels for Shank. And she feels he really digs her too every time he tells her she's his and no one else's. Only when he gets out and she follows behind, she finds he has a whole Old Lady. A beautiful one. Heart broken, a pregnant Missy runs off up north to raise her child away from a group of criminals and liars. But faith isn't so kind and drags her back home down to Florida when her father passed away and she has to back to clean out her childhood home all the while hiding her son from his oblivious biker father.

D_N_D_10_31 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Something Primal

Portia finds her life become more complicated and dangerous when the love of her life brings her to a MC clubhouse for a night out.

LightDarkGemini · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings