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Magic-Cultivation System

Georges Richard an orphan, virgin and novels lover killed by god by mistake who was arranging the cycle of reincarnation. Being killed by mistake, the god gives him an opportunity to live another life in another world of magic and cultivation with 3 wishes, and he chooses a system as one of his wishes to help him in his journey. Let’s see how he will dominate the 4 Realms with his summons and lovers and became a the unique Sovereign under the 4 Heavens!!

Heavens_Sovereign · Eastern Fantasy

Rise Of A Tri-Path Cultivator

Our Protagonist is a university graduate who can't seem to find a job. One night as he walks towards his home from another failed(of course) job interview something hits his head . The story is about a boy who rises to apex in a cultivator world by becoming the first ever Tri-Path Cultivator. (Tri-Path Cultivator = One who cultivates Devil Path, Buddhist Path and The way Of Dao) (If you are here for R-18 stuff it will take some time to get those started.) There a lot of grammatical errors in the first 5-6 chapter please comment directly on those sentences so i can fix them I am not the author. I am just translating it and making some adjustments. If you are the author please contact me (≧▽≦)

ThundeR_8934 · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings