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I Was Born To Be A Champion

Valt Aoi is seemingly cheerful. His happy-go-lucky personality and amazing smile makes everyone think he's alright, because why wouldn't he be? But what if he felt the complete opposite of what he shows on a day-to-day basis? Shu Kurenai is seemingly perfect. He is a child prodigy who is calm, collected and cute. He exerts confidence, and seems to think highly of himself, despite not being the greatest blader known. But what if he hates everything about himself and fakes it all? Lui Shirosagi is seemingly cold hearted. He doesn't care about anyone or anything and lacks a huge amount of respect, but no one knows why. What if is attitude reflects the love he was never allowed or given, because first he had to be the best to deserve anything? Free De La Hoya is seeming nonchalant. He is a lazy blader who does the bare minimum, but has still managed to climb his way to the top without doing seemingly anything. But what if Beyblade is his only escape from reality, and the voices that fill his head on a regular basis? What do they all have in common? They all struggle with love. And because of that They all want to be the best. Why? So they could someday be noticed by someone So they could someday be free So they could someday not have to carry their burden of life alone That's all they want That's all they've ever wanted Will they ever get it? All they want is to be enough

p66220055 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Monster X The Angel (Lui X Valt)

Lui Shirosagi is a cold hearted blader who cares about nothing and no one, except for himself and his bey. But what if he makes an agreement with his enemy? How will his life change? Valt Aoi has a plan for him, but Lui doesn't realise what the young bladder's doing until it's too late. This plan requires sacrifice, and Lui's more than prepared to make them. But what about everyone else? And why did the wonder boy ask the white tyrant to do it all, anyway? "Hey, Lui?" "Yeah, what's up?" "Thank you." "For what?" "For making my friends happy instead of hurting them." "No problem, squirt. And you know what? You're not that bad." "Neither are you." "Do you think we're going to survive all of this?" "Without a doubt."

Funimation_777 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings