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Lepidus High: School of Enchanters

Agnes tought she was just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life but not until her 18th birthday came. While she was celebrating with her family, a group of "Not So Ordinary People" break into their house and attack them. She was surprised that her parents and her brother are not just an ordinary people but an Enchanters (people with magical powers). She cannot believe what her eyes saw. Her parents and brother successfully eliminated the bad guys who attacked them and tell everything (but not mostly everything) they needed to tell her. They also said that she is a "Born Enchanter" Meaning: She also have a hidden power. She was so schocked and amazed at the same time. So they came back to the world where they really belong and sent Agnes to an Enchantment School named "Lepidus High" which is the biggest and most prestigous school in Phantasia Land. That is where her Magical Adventure and Magical Lovelife started. • • • Note: "Lepidus" means "Enchanting" in Latin. Search niyo po if you want. Latin din po ang gamit kong mga spells para medyo maangas haha. Nakaasa lang po ako kay Google translator kaya wag po masyadong mataas ang expectations hahahaha. Credits na din po pala kay mareng Google at Pinterest sa mga pekshurs hehe. • • • [Fantasy/Adventure/Romance/Humor]

BeverlyBagay · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings