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There is this firm which permits recruits through their contract period and during this time, they can't work for anyone else. No part-times. No extra money. Pure and unbending dedication to the Boss. Within all this, Emmy Fernandes has no choice but get into this Firm. If it was the ticket to the title of Fernandes, then why not? The tiny problem being, she had no idea of the rules and is caught into the irrevocable contract with the Boss. "I can buy his Firm for any amount he demands. He can't dare to trap me here!" "The Firm won't die until he's dead." Boss' son interfered while taking in the lustful anger sprouting from the famous Emmy Fernandes who was alone in the office loitering the papers and sheets her boss ordered her to arrange in. "You know what I am suggesting darling." This won't be the single-genre focused story. There is no fun until surprises come your way and what could be more surprising than not knowing how famous you are. Not until fate is always around you, ready to throw a new dare... Do give it a shot, Vote if you like a chapter, Share with your friend’s friends! You may find me on Discord; DJReader1999 Love, DJ

DJReader1999 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings