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Our Story: Harvey's life

You know that feeling when the player of the school suddenly picks interest in you? "What do you want?" I faced him. He was really getting on my nerves by being around me. "Great question, Theresa,"he said looking straight at me. "Could you please not call me that?" "Be my date to Lucas's pool party this Saturday," he dropped. Shocker! When Luke Henderson decides to bother Tess Harvey, he didn't know what he was getting himself into. Tess's life is full of so many drama but poor Luke isn't aware. Abandoned by everyone she trusted and loved, Tess Harvey lived a difficult life. She actually got consoled by an unexpected trio. Years later, she diligently works hard to put past incidents behind her but old memories and acquaintances interfere with it. A story filled with suspense, thrill, dose of comedy and tears.

Favour_Ojeniyi ยท Teen
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