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"Will you save my father?" Owen is a fifteen year old boy with only his father which are settling in Las Vegas for now. Half of their family was burned in a wildfire and is lost in their family and themselves. Doxin and Jacques are very experienced detectives who are not much in communicative with each other. But then, one event changes their whole lives and actions. Exprience the excitement and thrill in the story, the bonds and the nerve-grasping words, and the adventure and danger in the story. Foreword by theSuccessor: Father was a very hard story to think about. I even still think to this day, but I'm more than glad to make this book. Please share, review, powerstone vote, and (not possible) you can even make a show out of it(although I don't plan you to do that). But, God bless and have a good day

TheSuccessor · Horror&Thriller