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Mage-Knight: Threads of Betrayal

Mage-Knight: Threads of Betrayal

Adrien Blackridge is training to be a knight under the tutelage of two of the King’s most trusted advisors. The first man is Ramus, a royal knight and top military mind. The other is Eliezer Webber, the newly appointed ambassador of a long standing religious order known as the Kingsmen. Though magic is common in the world, it is illegal in Altruon. However, when Ramus and other of Adrien’s rival companions begin to dabble in the dark arts, he finds himself to be a particularly talented sorcerer. As time goes on, friendships are tested and glory is won, but Adrien must decide between two fates. Will loyalty and love prevail or will personal ambition pull the honorable knight down into the increasing darkness of his search for power and personal glory?

RyoshiLeCrosse · Fantasy
Not enough ratings