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How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories

How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories

Reincarnated/Transmigrated with broken memories of his previous life, Masaru who is the son of Diehauser Belial was kidnapped the night his mother (Human) was killed by a Khaos Brigade assassin. Taken to a devil's house that was a branch family of the Naberius Family, experimented on using various genetic solutions in their research for a super devil came successfully the night they decided to experiment on the white neko. Resigned to his fate to become a puppet or to become a Rebel against those who seek to control him, may the god of war bless his path Disclaimer: Do not own the original novel nor original characters, this is purely fiction for my selfless boredom. Don't own the picture in my cover either, no idea where it came from but got it from Google!!!

CompleteNoob · Anime & Comics
The Dyosa Show

The Dyosa Show

Just for fun and entertainment. Hosted by: Dyosa

AriadneWP · TV
Not enough ratings