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Escaping A Riddle - Tom Riddle

‘She’s on the run even if she is in plain sight.’ Astra Rivera is a not-so-normal student at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Being a pureblood at a prep French Magical school, Astra was always under pressure. She never got the highest marks and wasn't prejudiced like her pureblood family expected of her to be. But one day in May, her world is turned upside down when her roommate, Alia Delacour, was found dead, strangled, in her bed. Of course, the only possible suspect was Astra Rivera, so she's accused, expelled, arrested and framed all in one day. With even her closest friends turning on her, Astra escapes and flees France to start a new life in Britain. But even there everyone is out on the look for her, thinking of nothing but the high money prize they could get if they turned her in. And then there's Tom Riddle. People may say that there is no safer place than Hogwarts, as long as Albus Dumbledore is there, but right then, it might be the most dangerous and riskiest place Astra could possibly stay in. But hey, who said that life as a wanted criminal was going to be sunshine daisies? HARRY POTTER AND TOM RIDDLE BELONG TO JK ROWLING! If you see a cover (not the one webnovel gives) on this book, then I will be telling you that @Abbey_M_Writess on wattpad made me it. So credits to her for the amazing cover!!

OOF_LasagnaPotter · Book&Literature
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