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Beauty And The Monster

The story of a princess who was hidden by her own family so that she could not be found by King Aiden, a half-witch king who was cruel and thirsty for blood. Calistha, who is the youngest daughter of the Kairos Kingdom, was forced to hide in the kingdom of Hora by her family when the kingdom of Khronos, the kingdom of King Aiden, came to attack to take Calistha and make her as empress. Calistha, who was only seven years old, was immediately hidden by her mother because her mother did not want Calistha to become the consort of King Aiden who was the enemy of her kingdom. Meanwhile, King Aiden has been searching for the whereabouts of Calistha for years. He traced the tracks of all ten Princess Kairos Kingdoms from one kingdom to another. Every year King Aiden always raises the war flag on the kingdoms that have hidden the ten princesses of Kairos Kingdom, one of which can be an antidote for his curse.

chalista_saqila ยท Fantasy
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