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Beauty and the Beasts

After finding herself in a beastmen world, a leopard rescues her and later abducts her. Bai Qingqing suffers quite a mental breakdown because the males in this world are as gorgeous and handsome as strutting peacocks. On the other hand, the females are ridiculously ugly, but still highly cherished by the males. As a beautiful high-school student, she has somehow become the most mesmerizing beauty in this world. Worst of all, this world is a matriarchal society. She doesn’t want three four husbands waiting on her! Her life becomes about teasing a leopard, tickling a tiger, seducing a poisonous snake, and capturing an eagle. Bai Qingqing, with a full harem, is too deep for tears. She really didn't want any of this. "Hey, hey, Brother Leopard, Brother Tiger, Brother Snake, Brother Eagle, what are you doing? Stay back!" There are four male leads: The young and strong leopard, the emo and silent snake, the powerful tiger, and the aloof and loner eagle.

White-Headed Dream · Fantasy Romance

When Beauty Meets Beasts

Lin Nuannuan never expected to transmigrate from a simple bath! She could handle that, but why did she transmigrate into a world of Beastmen? There are handsome Beastmen draped in animal hide everywhere. And all of them have their long legs exposed! What? The tiger and white wolf wants to marry me!? NO! NO! NO! Nothing good comes from a love that transcends species. Give up!

Big Fruit Pellets · Fantasy Romance

Sweet Beauty

Her family took advantage of her, her boyfriend cheated on her and had an affair with her stepsister, and in the end, she was killed by them. But fate took pity on her and gave her a second chance in life, and in this life, she promised to get back everything that was stolen from her by those scums. But who would have thought that in this second life, she would also meet him? She was so spoiled and pampered by him that no one dared to bully her anymore. • • • • English is not my first language, so please expect some grammatical errors in this book. The cover image is not mine. Credits to the original owner. • • • • Cherryiako's other books: » My Little Sweet Wife [Completed] » Second Chance Of Love [On-Going] » The Devil Temptress [On-Going]

cherryiako · Contemporary Romance

Beauty in the beast world

Lyra is a 21st-century girl from the modern world who accidentally transmigrated into the beast world while swimming. what happens when a gorgeous young girl with golden blonde hair and ocean blue eyes with ivory white skin doll falls into a world where the female population is drastically low. But as she stays in the world, she discovers many secrets about herself which she never imagined. Join her journey in discovering love, heartache, and the real truth of her life. This is my first story please support me and join me on my journey through this story. The cover photo is not mine Contains mature content with many r#18 scenes audience below 16 restrain from reading it. Follow my insta @ruby_rosie_2001

Ruby_rosie · Fantasy Romance

The Strong Beauty is a Goddess in Showbiz

A female priestess had been trapped in a temple all her life. After being captured by the rebel army, she reincarnated as Qi Wu, a teenager who lived in the modern era. *** "Rookie Assembly" was a phenomenal talent show that had been wildly popular in recent years. Well-rounded idols, esports professionals, top-notch musicians, and even the most popular actress in the country were still struggling to survive in this show. However, not long after the show started, they all expressed how Qi Wu was their inspiration in life. The things Qi Wu did in her daily life while being part of the show included working, making money, and occasionally sorting out problems children faced. In the eyes of netizens, Qi Wu was a strong and capable bigshot who constantly prevailed over all others. *** Jin Si was recognized as the poison ivy of showbiz. People could only admire him from afar, and a single touch could get someone killed. Even his hard-core fans admitted that they wished he didn't have such a wicked tongue. One day, Jin Si published a Weibo post. "Jin Si: I have the opportunity of a lifetime to prove that I'm not weird. @QiWU" Netizens went wild right away. "Help! I get to ship a real couple!"

Langjiu Lishan · Romance

Beauty and The Bodyguard

When an S-class elite, assassin-raised captain of a special ops suicide squad comes home from a high-stakes Africa mission, he finds himself offered something that could potentially set him up for life- a curious assignment that he could use to finally exit his days of war and slaughter. Then placed into a high-school setting, Lin Yi is tasked by the chairman of a top-tier multi-billion company with bodyguard duty for non-other than his own daughter, a certain little Miss of said high-school. His enemies, once ranging from drug lords, mafia bosses, political figures, and national leaders, are soon replaced with spoiled kids who happen to have rich papas and mamas, and Lin Yi finds his intense expertise and high-threat skillset misused and very underwhelmed... But he does get a harem cast as diverse as his old enemies, so Lin Yi decides that, for the sake of messing around with girls as an invincible entity in a down-leveled environment, leaving his bloody and death-filled war days behind is something he'd definitely want to strive for.

Fishman The Second · Magical Realism

Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Going for a swim, she ends up in an ancient wild Beast World and ends up being brought home by a handsome wolf. She wants to stick to the handsome wolf, stock some salt, farm some land, look at some handsome men and grow old like that, but the handsome wolf pounces on her every day. What? He wants her to have babies? NO~ NO~ NO~ There is no happy ending to interspecies marriages, hurry and let go of me handsome wolf~ [Mini Story] "Wolf King, Wolf King, the Queen said that the eyes of the merman prince are as beautiful as the stars in the sky." "Yes, they’re beautiful indeed, dig them out and send them to the Queen." "Wolf King, Wolf King, the Queen said that the First Beauty in the tribe, the snake princess’s skin has a unique and fine texture." "Yes, it’s unique indeed, rip that snake princess's skin off and send it to the Queen." "Wolf King, Wolf King, the Queen said that the Wolf King is impressively-looking, the world’s one and only." "What’re you waiting for? Quickly send me to the Queen!"

Su Yunjin · Fantasy Romance

Mr. CEO Loves The Devilish Beauty

"I hope my wife liked the arrangements... for the wedding night." His low husky voice made her heart skip a beat. She tried to walk away from his reach but to her dismay, he held her wrist in his hand. She licked her lips. He pulled her wrist and her body crashed into his broad chest. Trying to calm her breathing, Xu Mey looked up at his face to say something but couldn't do it. Ye Jie was pleased with her transfixed countenance. He lowered his face towards her. Inadvertently, Xu Mey took a step back. They continued with a step back and a step ahead until Xu Mey's legs felt the edge of the bed behind. There was a haughty smirk playing on Ye Jie's lips. He lowered his face again towards her. Xu Mey bent her body backwards but she lost her footing making both of them fall on the comfy bed. As she laid on her back with Ye Jie's body pressing on her own, gazing at his handsome face inches away from her own with his piercing gaze penetrating her soul, she realized she had no ability to push him away. She wanted to get him off her body. She wanted to stay far away from him. But she couldn't do it. His face was so close that his breath tingled her. When his soft thin lips touched her cherry plump ones, her mind was electrified. He softly nibbled on her lower lip, sucking it slowly. The kiss was not urgent or passionate. It was just a simple kiss which displayed a gentle but sincere feeling. --------- What do you do when your family abandons you? Do you start to hide? Xu Mey wasn't the one to hide. The only thing she hid from the world was her real self. Seemingly, a timid girl was terrifying inside but only a few knew about it. She was running for revenge. For every wound that she received, she had a burning desire to pay back ten folds. Ye Jie was heartbroken. He had a perfect life for the world but only he knew what he was trying to hide even from himself. At first, Xu Mey was just his interest. A girl who popped up in his life out of nowhere and yet wreaked havoc. But he soon realized that she had walls built around her heart keeping the world at bay. Losing love once felt enough to him but with a certain someone's appearance, a lot is intended to bring a change. What will happen when she'll alter his idea of love? Will he be able to shatter the thick walls around her heart? Or, She'll shatter him? Life shattered her into pieces. Will his love be able to pick up those broken pieces? ********* This is an original work and not a translation. All rights reserved! ~~~ Join Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/gwfrsYyc Instagram: amaya_meehee ~~~~~~ Other works from the Author: "The Inconceivable Flame: A Fallen Angel's Disguise" "Imperfect Desires" "Master's Untamed Wife" "The Moon Mistress"

XiaoMeeHee · Contemporary Romance