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Nine Lunar Letters

The kingdom of Mandhaar is a prosperous nation. The emperor is a wise ruler and has kind and virtuous queens who have provided him with exemplary descendants. Mandhaar will become a powerful regime for years to come, due to its noble lineage. Everything is perfect!!! Empress: My son is an outstanding prince with great military prowess and foresight. He is the rightful heir of the throne. Lost Prince: Really?!? What about me, the abandoned son, who was schemed against and left to die!!! Third Prince: Isn’t the Lost Prince dead yet? Someone, come quickly... Fourth Prince: Who decided that the empress’s son is the rightful heir? The battle hasn’t even begun yet… Crown Prince: Heh… you guys think that I am going to lay down and let you walk over me? My private army is bigger than all you losers put together, am I right, Empress Mother? . . . . FL: So noisy! Move away, all you useless pieces of scum. Want to become the next king, hmm... have you taken the permission of this queen yet???? What happens when the power-hungry royal princes clamor for that lone chair? Can the blue-blooded nobles maintain the familial love or will the throne require many ‘accidents’ and ‘sacrifices’ before letting the victor emerge? After all, everything is fair when the EMPEROR says it is! In the midst of fighting across borders and amongst relatives, two prickly hedgehogs, who have led lonely lives and fiercely guarded their hearts, face the same choice - Perish or Conquer! This is a story of a ruthlessly practical and cold blooded FL whose destiny is intertwined with a fervent but calculative ML. Who knows which of them will gain an upper hand in this battle of wits! Update: 1 chapter a day Discord server: https://discord.gg/hxzJhk7c Other books by the author: Modern Romance: The Gorgeous Ex Girlfriend Historical Romance: Warrior Princess; Her Quest to the Throne

SMK08 · Historical Romance
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