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Magic-Cultivation System

Georges Richard an orphan, virgin and novels lover killed by god by mistake who was arranging the cycle of reincarnation. Being killed by mistake, the god gives him an opportunity to live another life in another world of magic and cultivation with 3 wishes, and he chooses a system as one of his wishes to help him in his journey. Let’s see how he will dominate the 4 Realms with his summons and lovers and became a the unique Sovereign under the 4 Heavens!!

Heavens_Sovereign · Eastern Fantasy

What!? I am the villain!?

You’re not the hero this time! Against the cheat “protagonist”, our villain will do all he can to ensure he will survive. Maybe steal a girl or two from him as well. Please read and watch how the villain will trampled these annoying, cliche, blend, self-inserting, overpowered and always get all the girls “protagonist”. Cause that’s fun right?

IAmTheVillain · Fantasy

Strangers in love

"It's time to go Alex". "Can't we just stay here?"Alex asked with a mixture of emotions in his voice."We have to disappear to be powerful."Adam spoke with determination and rage filled in his honey coloured eyes."Powerful" Alex repeated the word absorbing the same feeling from his brother. After 15 years... According to the annual reports of the year, Envision, the biggest company in the world now has once again proved its worth. Envision managed to contribute a large percent towards Silbon's economy this year... "I'm sure they will definitely fall in our trap now", Elina declared. "The Collins have no way to escape this time", Marina didn't say anything.Elina's face went pale. She said it but, she just can't feel it.Marina placed a hand on Elina's shoulder while her eyes gave a look saying:" I can understand ", as she was facing the same conflict in her heart.Love or revenge? "Aren't you falling for her?" Carter asked while handing his drink. Eric sighed."Are you sure?", Carter asked once again to confirm. Eric didn't reply. "Eric, we have things to wrap up." "I know. I didn't forget anything." Eric said in a low voice but with confirmation. "How is Elina?" Eric asked this time. "Don't know"Carter leaned back in his chair.Eric smiled seeing worry in his brother's eyes for Elina."Bro, at least now be honest with yourself ", saying this, Eric left the room leaving carter alone with his heart. Sometimes the one you love the most turns out to be the one whom you hate the most. Will they get rid of their hatred and discover their love? How destiny made them to meet again? Can their love survive in this game of revenge? Can love win against hatred? ------ This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to any actual person living or dead, events and locales is entirely coincidental. *** Thanks to our family and mother for all the support and help***

Richie520 · Fantasy


"Marriage? Hahahaha very funny, if you want to fight come to the ground hmph!!!" "You know me very well my friend I will never destroy my soo cool life with marriage, even if you sell me off hmph!! Get away I don't wanna talk to you" Few months later "Marriage bureau!? Okay! We will marry, as long as you promise me that we will never have sex..." 'Definitely, I only want to be with you, my love nothing more or less' he thought inwardly and said "As you wish" he smiled dotingly "Hehehe Good... Let's sign the marriage contract then... By the way where is that paper I want, I would like to sign those first. This story? Aaaaa... Let me think A strong female lead - Definitely A strong Male lead - Obviously What is not obvious!? Maybe a female lead in itself... Soo this story is about a women who works for government who is free spirit, dominating, clumsy and talkative... As being their only sister her three considered brother or friend always pamper her a lot plus she is very spoiled too but never wanted to be depend on anyone anymore... And about a man who's only goal in his life was to be at top which he succeeded in 8 years of his career from bottom to top... Now after being forced by his family he needs to get married to a GIRL...!!!! Even though he is straight but what he hates the most is hypocritic girls... Abhijeet met a girl who is not hypocrite but totally opposite of him. The interaction was small but left a deep impression on him. Impression led to craving, craving to meet her again. For him she was the golden fleece of his life. It was not a love at first sight. But one of them wanted to believe it. Because with one sight of her make him believe she is the only one for him. It is said that if you want something from your heart, then the whole work takes place in an attempt to match it with you. I don't know if you're gonna like this novel or not but I would like to tell you to try this at least for 10 to 15 chapters might you like it then. At last I would like to tell you this story is not that messed but my English can be!! Because it's not my first language... I hope you will be able to stop yourself from criticizing me.... hehehe... Best of luck to me... For this novel please go to my other book Opposites attract my love from webnovel profile... There i am uploading chapters. . # I am writing another book too... WHY AM I HOLDING ON YOU... COVER doesn't relate to me...

P_A_S · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Tales Of Love

Have you ever wondered how the story would turn out to be if Cinderella was forced to go through piles after piles of pages by her evil step-sisters instead of being forced to pick peas and lentils out of the ashes? Or, what might have happened to the wicked step-mother if the magic mirror had uttered the name of her son instead of Snow White? What if the little red riding hood never needed to be cautious around the wolf, but her own family? There are so many what-ifs when it comes to the old fairy tales, but who wouldn’t want to read their retold versions which are set in a modern world, with modern issues? If you would like to read my versions of them, then join me on my journey! ---------- This book will contain a number of stories which are inspired by the old fairy tales as told to the world by the Grimm Brothers. Each story will span over 100 or so chapters depending on the plot, with each volume dedicated to it. I can’t say for sure how many will be there, I will just continue to write it as the ideas come to me, or I can relate to them. I hope you enjoy them. ---------- Other books of the author: •My Little Sunshine [Completed] •The Entangled Fates [On-going] •The Return Of The Beguiling Beauty [On-going] You can join the discord server for updates and picture references: https://discord.gg/tHARRPX Instagram: dumdum.007 Twitter: _dumdum007 Facebook: facebook.com/dumdumwrites Patreon: patreon.com/dumdum007 [In case you want to support the author, and read some of her short stories.]

dumdum007 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Lonely Guy Rebirth

Justus Faith was a very tragic guy. Lost both of his parents at 5 years old, and inherited a massive fortune. Everyone wanted to befriend him because of his money and he knew it from an early age. Betrayal after betrayal until.. He died...

Demon_King_Alyster · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

The Poisonous Daughter of Ye Family

They didn't know about her existence till she was 8, after that she was forced to come and live with her paternal family with her father. Being the first girl to be born in the Ye clan, she was doted and loved by everyone until she was wrongly accused and her love was taken away. She was mistreated, treated like an outsider, and even bullied. Even after all this, she still loved her family. Even when her brother pushed her off the stairs, she died with a smile, or so they thought. When she woke up, her eyes were filled with darkness. Her glare could make anyone cry. It wasn't the old Ye Ruo Lan. It was another girl from another plane who was vicious and evil. This girl had promised the real Ye Ruo Lan, to never forgive them. But, wait! Her family is being nice to her all of a sudden? "I am not as stupid as they think I am!!'

moon_meets_the_sun · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

The Intent Behind The Sole Killer

Japan's infamous serial killer, suddenly stops their reign. No cases have been reported following the noticeable victims from the killer, the 13th Clan, a cold-blooded, and feared clan. Arata Kazuya, a 17 year old loner both in school and work. Work?... Yes.... he works for Japan's highest justice and crime handling organization, The Absolute Defense of Tokyo, or the ADT. How and why is he there? Is a question that only Arata knows well. Maybe this is why Japan's murderous mascot, suddenly disappeared.

xShy_v · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

The Humans Origin

This is the story of Evan Gloderlock, an individual who travels through different space-time. He experiences the rise and fall of Humans in a different time, world, culture, etc. Witness Evan unearthed the history of humans.

lucifr_fallen · Fantasy
Not enough ratings