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Mythical Alter Beasts

As the two stars align, the legend begins… After becoming a test subject of new technology, Joshua has experienced a mysterious phenomenon that allows him to assume a new identity in a different world. In this world, humans consume potions that give them the ability to transform into humanoid beasts. They have Alter Beasts that they can use to battle. They are called Alterers! Alterers can wield the power of nature. They can use magical abilities that they use to protect the things important to them. They use their powers to fight and pursue their dreams. Becoming an Alterer is choosing the path that only the brave will walk. Despite this arduous path, Alterers still brave the challenges to become myths! Forced by his circumstances and to honor his promise, Joshua will walk the mythical path. He will battle the savageness of the wilderness and the human heart. With the help of the otherworldly tech assimilated in his soul and the mysterious shard fused in his heart, Joshua will forge a unique path that will bring dread to all creatures! Sink continents! Shatter the sky! Devour the world! ...... New chapters are posted at 6 pm (GMT+8). Also, check my page on this site. www.buymeacoffee.com/grimlak03 I'm posting images I used as inspirations, so if you're interested, you can see them anytime. You can also buy me a coffee if you like my novel! Becoming a contracted author might take months of wait. Maybe you can pity this poor me and give me some encouragement. I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you and God bless! ...... Note: The book cover photo is not mine. The image came from the Sega-developed PS2 game, Project Altered Beast.

GriMlak · Fantasy
Not enough ratings