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Death Note: The Story of Micheal.

Death Note: The Story of Micheal.

Disclaimer: I do not own DeathNote! Micheal died at the age of 16 for unknown reasons. He was reborn into a modern world by the year of 1991, but the people that he knew and all the adults he knew before doesn’t exist anymore. The only things that doesn’t make sense is the ‘modern’ day hero detective known as ‘L’ and odd, crazy geniuses that seem to come out of no where. Who are these people?! And just what type of world was he reborn into?! And what the hell is a Kira?! (Multiple reincarnated characters)(MC doesn’t have knowledge of the anime/manga)(yaoi, BxB)(reincarnation, rebirth, reborn, transmigration)(ditzy protagonist)(paranoid protagonist)(wealth protagonist)(story starts 2002, in America)

Sydney_Wheat · LGBT+
Not enough ratings