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The Redemption Of A Fallen Warlord

The Redemption Of A Fallen Warlord

Nobody remembers why the feuds started. Initially, The Trinity had been undivided, a group of 3 peace-loving galaxies who wished to make peace, not war. That didn't work. The Trinity was shaking at its foundations. In every society, there are two kinds of people; those who seek power, and those who seek to serve those in power. Unfortunately for those who ran The Trinity, there were many of the former, and more of the latter prepared to support them. And so, The Trinity shattered, and all three galaxies were locked in aeons of war and bloodshed, with no clear end and no clear peace. Till the two arose. Hyperium and Obsidious. Two beings that could not have been more different, yet could not have been more similar. The former, claiming to be of royal descent, had seized his power by rallying the nobles, dissatisfied with the past taxations of The Trinity that stole their wealth, and wanted their royal powers and freedoms back. The latter, a dark, hardened sociopath who spent his former years as a slave, mercenary and a range of other jobs only a reject of society would take, who rallied those with a lust for destruction as he did. The two parties went on to dominate their chosen territories, causing bloodshed, loss, anguish, and destruction. It was a common rumor that one day these two would clash, only one emerging the victor to rule the ruined, charred, scarred remnants of The Trinity that drifted without purpose in space. This is the story of that conflict. This is the story of Obsidious. This is the story of the fallen warlord who sought redemption.

Taekion_Titan · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings