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Origin Trinity Douluo (Douluo Dalu Fanfiction)

Origin Trinity Douluo (Douluo Dalu Fanfiction)

Author: I don't own Douluo Dalu or the Pictures and Videos in this story. I'm just a huge fan of Tang jia san shao's stories. So I might also incorporate things from his other stories into this fanfiction..........XD Author: Set in an alternate universe seven thousand years after Douluo Dalu 3 and three thousand years before Douluo Dalu 4. Description: Jian Ziran was diagnosed with an unknown illness that eventually ended his life at the young age of 25. Reincarnated in a world of ninjas Ziran swore to become so strong that he would never become ill ever again. Unfortunately for him though due to a certain matter he was labeled as a criminal, chased, then attacked by those he once called comrades. Left with no other choice Ziran jumped down the highest cliff taking with him the Ninja Clan's 3 Great Godly Treasures. Reincarnating into his third life Jian Ziran swore to not only become strong enough to be eternally healthy he also decided to always act low key until he becomes strong enough to protect himself from any and all dangers. A sword that strengthens the body, a scroll that purifies the soul, an eye that clears the mind and finally a trash martial soul that is said to be in the same category as the legendary Yu Xiaogang's Luo San Pao. Will Ziran once again die a tragic death....... Or will he walk his own legendary path as a Spirit Master? Author: "Also in wattpad"

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