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His Wife's Cry

Ayana Mae Buenavista never imagined herself being in love too much with someone who can't love her back. She thought everything will be smooth after her marriage with the man she loves the most since college-- Gavin de la Vega. From the very beginning, their marriage hadn’t been based on affection. Their family fixed marriage both of them for the sake of the companies. But her life turned upside down the moment she exchanged vows with him. He became ruthless. Heartless. He even treated her as if she's the most worthless person he has ever known. She stayed as she can't afford to lose him; as her heart only belongs to him. But could she ever still stay if she knew that she's not the only one in his husband's life? Could she take all the revelations and secrets that made her cry?

Minnie_1864 · Teen
Not enough ratings