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Wolf Kingdom: A Heart of Fire

Kankurou lives with his sister, Shajoka in a budding town called Violet. It was the latest place of liberation set up by a few villagers who came together from separate towns. His mother, Anese Ucha, was one of the settling families after they had lived in the forest alone for many years. Unfortunately in the early stages of their lives, the house went up in flames the same night their father disappeared. He remembered his eyes were red, staring back at Kankurou through the flames as their house burned in the dark night. The other villagers were alerted but even with Wolf Creek running by, they couldn’t put it out fast enough before it burnt to the ground. After his father disappeared in the night, Kankurou started to hear strange whispers from the forest. He always felt like he was being watched, but for his remaining family - his sister - he had to be the adult in the house. They were older now and he had begun to hear the voices less as they grew older. Now as a late teen, early adult, he began to settle into the shack he’d built up for himself and his sister in the place of their old home. It wasn’t much and it leaned a little to the side but it worked. This would work fine for them, but… What if the noise in the forest came back? What if the angry growling outside his window wasn’t just his father, but a hungry being asking for him to come too? He wasn’t sure but his mother’s story often echoed in the back of his mind, wondering if he too would disappear into the forest. What he was sure of was that he had caught sight of a woman he thought was beautiful. She was unique. One of a kind and he enjoyed her company. This place was a safe haven for all types of demi-humans and humans. A new place, one of a kind that would upturn the previous era of demi-human slavery. He had more important things that the voices of the forest to listen to. He had her to protect.

Diana_H_Forst · Fantasy
Not enough ratings