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My Favorite Song

My Favorite Song

While Henry revisits his past at Joey Drew Studios, he discovers multiple audio logs in the former music director's office. It seems like he has his eyes on someone other than voice actress, Susie Campbell. A/N: This is solely so that this idea will get out of my head, and I can focus on something that I'm already doing. Who freaking cares if this flops? The way that this is written is also a little strange and hard to follow if you don't know the timeline well. The story starts in Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine, then it goes back about thirty years to the time when employees were still working in the studio. I also added a character I made up for this, so if you're looking for an "x reader," you are now Evelyn White, a maintenance worker at Joey Drew Studios.

ElizaWileyFF · Teen
Not enough ratings