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Diary of a basic teenage girl

Diary of a basic teenage girl

So i know that people will mostly ignore if they think that some diaries, just because there’s nothing interesting in the title, will totally ignore reading but what if. What if there is someone out there who has a lot to say. So here I am, typing down whatever comes to my mind and not caring the slightest about what everyone will think about me but only here, where I can stay anonymously. Because we all know how much of a chicken we all are out there in the real life. So basically I’m still a teen, a teen who doesn’t recognize the meaning in life. The unspoken world where everyone is trying so hard to fit in. What are we? And what if every step in our life weights so much on our shoulders that lastly you can’t stand it anymore and with a light movement you can end it all. Well if you think that I’m a depressed teenager who is doing drugs and I’m outside drinking with a gang where everyone’s a slut and are getting wasted, then you’re wrong! So now I’m here with all my bubbled up emotions that I can’t say to anyone but myself. So stay tuned because I’m about to bring out some attitude and fricking shit into everyone that’s reading whatever the heck this is! Update: hopefully everyday :)

MelanieLover · Teen
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