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Against My Own Fate

Against My Own Fate

Ashtin is a smart teenager. A role model among his peers. He was admired by many; however, none of them knew, that behind his carelessness, is a heart longing for love. His life was a universe shrouded in darkness and unknown dangers. Everytime, he walked in pins and needles, unbeknownst to the things that awaited him in the dark. Anticipating the time he would lie on the ground, lifeless. When an unexpected light entered his dark world, it gave him a reason to look forward to the days ahead. Yet, it also caused him to lose something he held on to even in the hardest times. 'My name is Ashtin. An observant, selective and intellectual individual, a former thug, an artist, musician, poet, a survivor of depression, and a man who seeks his dreams as much as he loved the horizon. Here is the story of "The love of my life."'

Invisible_Ecka · Teen
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