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Prim considered herself as a fan. In a century where idolizing is prevalent and people expressing their adoration to someone else, she is also one of those people. But Prim is a bit of a special case. Prim saw her friends going to concerts and buying merches even meeting their idols face to face! Prim: How lucky ㅠㅠ But how about her? Meeting her idols is already impossible. Even gaining an autograph from them is also impossible. Her idols are already dead. Her grandmother even wasn't born yet, they're dead already. How can she, a 21st century woman can meet her idols who are famous from the 15th century to 19th century? 'If someone has a way, please call her or add her email that were posted to her profile' A/N: This is an original story. PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME Update every Thursday & Friday ㅠ ㅠ

Arohall · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings