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Seed of Speed

Seed of Speed

Diego had been a normal person back on Earth. After his parents died, he took in his sister to help raise her, but before too long, she accidently caused his death. Instead of it being the end, as he expected, he found himself waking up on a strange new world where magic and cultivation existed. His arrival in the red sand desert would set into motion events that could destroy the fragile balance of world, but he would not learn of this until it is far too late. He rises through the ranks of power in the Konto Sect, but before he is strong enough to stand against the dark forces of the world, they begin to stir. Now, he is hunted for a power that is not truly his own. Can he master the Seed of Speed and rise through the ranks of his cultivation before the Daemoras capture him? Will he find the strength to rise to the peak of the world and ascend to the Heavens to rejoin his sister who gave him this second chance? Follow his journey to break through the Heavens and walk among the Gods!

Asynia · Fantasy
Not enough ratings