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Doll Etiqutte

Doll Etiqutte

Anastasia was a huge fan of Barbie Dolls and had over 2,500 doll collection, varies from vintage barbie dolls to custom-made designer barbie dolls. On her 18th Birthday. Her friend Margarette gave her a Custom-made Barbie Doll. Anastasia feel happy about it as she thought it was a rare vintage doll. Her excitement turns into curiosity, she started searching about the doll and who designed it. After searching the whole day she ended up getting nothing. The day after tommorow had came, she contacted her friend Margarette but the call was answered by someone. The information that Anastasia made her shock. Margarette was found dead, hanging her self with the used of 10ft long nylon hair that where normally used for doll hair re-rooting. After knowing what happened to her friend, her life started get messy. All of her doll collection started to go missing without any reason, she thought of someone could enter her house and stole ot but the result in the investigation came out negative. The results says that there is no force of entry. As month pass by, all of her dolls are gone and the only thing that is left is the doll that was given by Margarette. As the doll remained in the hands of Anastasia, things started to go wrong and then one day she woke up... She woke up in a cage ... She woke up, wearing nothing but a necklace with ruby stone in the middle... She woke up with a new identity... And now she is... DOLL 0529 the new doll in Augustin's Collection.

Jordan_Otara · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings